Globetech provides technology and services for vessels and floating offshore installations for secure, reliable and optimised communication, worldwide.

VesselNet is installed on vessels and floating offshore installations to secure operations of business-critical systems onboard and is delivered complete and preconfigured to agreed specifications. The system is a highly flexible and scalable, addressing the individual needs for each vessel and/or fleet, including features such as:

  • Proprietary e-mail system adapted for marine communication and operation
  • Data compression and encryption.
  • Managing of data replication.
  • Fault tolerance on critical equipment
  • VLAN’s for enhanced security
  • Separate backup unit
  • Virtual servers

VesselNet Infrastructure provides optimised technical infrastructure for remote support. All our infrastructure can run other multiple services such as IPTV, CCTV and phone systems, including the full suite of modern business processes and ICT tools.

The infrastructure setup facilitates a smooth switch between the carriers on board available in the event of an unforeseen loss of communication.

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For more information, contact:

Hans Eirik Onarheim

Phone: +47 910 08 420