Globetech provides technology and services for vessels and floating offshore installations for secure, reliable and optimised communication, worldwide.

Globetech ® VesselNet has been developed over the last 15 years and is optimised for offshore operations.

VesselNet is installed on vessels and floating offshore installations to secure operations of business-critical systems onboard. The system is delivered complete and preconfigured to agreed specifications, and is a highly flexible and scalable, addressing the specific requirements for each vessel and/or fleet.

The infrastructure provides optimised technical infrastructure for remote support, and can run other multiple services such as IPTV, CCTV and phone systems, including the full suite of modern business processes and ICT tools. The infrastructure-setup facilitates a smooth switch between the available carriers on board in the event of unforeseen loss of communication. Globetech ® VesselNet can be combined with Globetech ® Portal.

Generation 8 of Globetech ® VesselNet was launched in 2020 and include features such as:

  • Upgraded to Windows Server 2019, Exchange Server 2019 and Windows 10.
  • Composed with operating system at the same build level.
  • From terminal server to thick client managed by deployment and inventory tools.
  • Enhanced control and monitoring of critical hardware.
  • Principle of equality to ensure optimized efficiency for the fleet crew.
  • Enhanced password policies and disaster recovery to ensure lowest possible downtime in case a critical incident should occur
  • Centralised deployment of client machine software
  • Globetech ® Portal Basic included
  • Daily and periodic supervision including patch and backup management.

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