02. October 2020

New Office Manager at Globetech

Cecilie Janeiro is the new Office Manager at Globetech....

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23. September 2020

Let us help you become IMO compliant

Globetech has both competence and dedicated resources to help your company become IMO 2020 compliant....

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30. June 2020

Aqua Kvaløy and a lot of smolt

Another vessel in the DESS Aquaculture fleet has been installed with Globetech ® VesselNet....

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17. June 2020

The Lord

Globetech ® VesselNet has been developed over the last 15 years and is optimised for...

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29. May 2020

KL Saltfjord and the Stavanger Sunrise

We are excited to announce that 3 of total 6 vessels in the K Line...

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27. May 2020

Southern beauty in Stavanger

Globetech was onboard Aqua Maløy during her stay in Stavanger last week, located at Konserthuskaia....

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13. May 2020

VesselNet installed onboard KL Barentsfjord

The installation of VesselNet Gen. 8 onboard KL Barentsfjord was completed in the beginning of...

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08. May 2020

Sayan Princess in Kristiansand

Globetech is pleased to confirm that the installation of VesselNet g. 8 was completed onboard...

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16. April 2020

Aqua Merdø installation completed

Both Globetech and our clients are continuously working to ensure secure operations for vessels and...

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01. April 2020

How do you prepare?

There’s an ongoing global crisis, and cybercriminals have and will continue to exploit the situation...

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17. March 2020

Increased cyber risk during COVID-19 pandemic

Creating cyber security awareness is key - please be aware of cybercriminals taking advantage of...

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12. March 2020


Globetech has taken measures in order to secure support and operations for our clients....

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02. March 2020

KL Brofjord installation completed

The first installation of VesselNet Gen. 8 for the K Line Offshore fleet is completed...

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07. February 2020

DESS Aquaculture Shipping AS joins Globetech

Globetech is to provide DESS Aquaculture Shipping AS with all necessary ICT services....

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10. January 2020

The Globetech Portal – take control over your onboard online activities

The Globetech ® Portal Essential has been launched and is currently being implemented on all...

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04. December 2019

K Line Offshore chooses Globetech

Another prominent offshore shipowner is added to a growing list of Globetech clients as a...

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04. November 2019

Globetech makes us safer and more robust

“Globetech solutions has made our operations safer and more robust,” says ICT Manager at the...

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01. November 2019

Beyond the buzz word - Cyber risk

To explore risk-readiness, attitudes and to address the main challenges, Globetech joined K-Line Offshore, Gard...

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16. October 2019

Together towards the cyber threats

“It’s that easy,” said Globetech CTO Stein Erik Andersen. “It’s scary,” said the client....

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30. August 2019

Increase in targeted campains towards the maritime sector

VesselNet provides secure and robust operations of business-critical systems and the system has contained the...

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27. August 2019

Encrypted Traffic - a Trojan Horse for Your Vessel

Your trust in encrypted data is just what the bad guys are banking on....

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18. July 2019

Globetech at full speed ahead

CEO Hans Eirik Onarheim says Globetech need to strengthen their team with a new senior...

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09. July 2019

Meet the team of Operations

The Globetech team of operations will ensure 24/7 service and support for all clients throughout...

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20. June 2019

The Giant and The Diamond

Globetech provides technology IT infrastructure to shipowners and vessels worldwide, and currently operates over 25...

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29. May 2019

Cyberattacks targeting vessels - A vulnerable maritime industry

Study finds increasing numbers of unrecorded cyberattacks on public and private norwegian businesses. The maritime...

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16. April 2019

New contract with Viking Supply Ships

Another renowned ship company is added to a growing list of Globetech clients as a...

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29. November 2017

Utkilen AS signed contract with Globetech

Globetech has won a fleet-contract to manage IT infrastructure and communication handling for 22 vessels...

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15. June 2017

Awilhelmsen and Globetech into partnership

Awilco and Globetech has entered into a partnership for ICT operation on their vessels....

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07. July 2016

OH Meling & Co AS

Globetech has signed an agreement with OH Meling & Co to operate the IT operations for both...

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02. February 2016

OSM Shipping orders 11 Globetech SeaNet Systems

We are happy to announce that our customer OSM Shipping has agreed with Globetech to...

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29. July 2015

Advanced technology on the world´s oldest full-rigged ship

Globetech is proud to implement new advanced technology on the world’s oldest operational full-rigged ship....

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26. May 2014

Remontowa has chosen Globetech

Remontowa Shipbuilding has signed a contract with Globetech to provide IT infrastructure and CCTV systems...

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01. May 2014

Siem Moxie is equipped with Globetech’s SeaNet System:

The new ship Siem Moxie is in Kristiansand for it’s last finish. The ship is...

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02. March 2013

Fjord Shipping Management

Fjord Shipping Management and Globetech have signed a contract for delivery and operation of communication- (VSAT)...

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