Proactive Operational Maintenance

We always offer our clients proactive guidance and counselling on spesific fields such as Cybersecurity, GDPR, Operational maintenance, and, of course – 24/7 service and support.

Product support and system maintenance is in the backbone of our organization.

We are not just a supplier of a system or a solution - by putting in proactive work with system maintenance and modern safety requirements we are equally making sure our clients can enjoy systems that work and can stand the test of time. 

With the kind of risk operational IT systems and solutions meet on a daily basis today, having such a focus and emphasis on safety and maintenance is key for the client and the operational ability of the systems we produce.

This is all part of our core philosophy:

- We work systematically on a daily basis to make sure that maritime safety and GDPR requirements from players such as IMO, The Norwegian Sjøfartsdirektoratet, OCIMF, IMCA et al. are always being met.

- In order to maintain and support our system deliveries to meet all requirements from such organisations, we have built our own inhouse departement solely working on reducing risk and offering proactive system maintenance towards our different clients.

- As a result, we also have our own framework of Cybersecurity which covers every safety requirements put forth from marine players such as IMO and other related organisations.

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