Security Services

In addition to operational security handled on all active vessels managed by Globetech throughout our technical systems, we provide advisory and analysis of vessels and offices as a service.

The service is targeting shipowners and management operating vessels in order to reduce risk of cyberattacks and breaches. Our objective is to support and provide awareness for our clients.

Security Awareness Program

Globetech provides security awareness programs for shipowners and management teams. Estimated 90% of all cybersecurity breaches are a result of human errors, and in order to reduce risk of events this program is designed to prevent unnecessary breaches throughout human errors, onshore and offshore.

The program combines online courses with follow-up, testing and advisory on result and progress by consultant. Each program is tailor-made to the need and size of each client.

Cybersecurity Framework

The Purpose of the Cybersecurity Framework is to highlight risk and potential threats, measures and actions for customers on how a management system for security can be established and further developed in connection to cybersecurity. The maritime industry is dependent on secure, stable and robust digital networks to optimise operations and prevent downtime.

Globetech manages infrastructure and communication for several shipowners offices and fleet. With hands-on experience we work proactively to reduce risk and increase awareness of the challenges the industries meet going forward.

The cybersecurity framework is a project executed between Globetech and the customer, and the project execution plan is tailor-made and fitted to the size and needs of each customer.


More details and quotation on the awareness program and framework on request.