Awarness Program

Create awareness and reduce the risk of cyber incidents - Globetech provides security awareness programs

Approximately 90 percent of security incidents occur due to human errors. With an increasing amount of system end points and constantly evolving security threats, it’s essential for organizations to enrich their culture with a heightened sense of security awareness. An effective cyber security strategy starts with educating personnel in data breach prevention and response.

A good security awareness programs is a great way to educate personnel about organization-specific cyber threats. It’s critical to make the workforce aware of common fraud schemes, especially those targeting the organization directly. Preparing staff to discover phishing or other types of cyber scams means providing a comprehensive system of training, policies and procedural instructions to help recognize cyber threats and report suspicious activity.

Globetech wants to be an active partner in the process of reducing risk of cyber security incidents.

Creating awareness of the cyber threats are important in order to manage the cyber security aspects for the organization and company as whole. The program is created for a 12-month period in order to establish an awareness that ensure a change of organizational habits. We’ll fit the program and simulations according to the needs identified in the company start up and mapping phase. This because we understand that our clients may have different needs for group segmentations, such as finance, offshore crew, IT and HR, and with different risk profiles.

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