Viking Supply Ships

Viking Supply Ships (VSS) core business is within the offshore and offshore/icebreaking segment on a world wide basis. Their fleet comprises of 3 AHTS/Icebreakers, 4 Ice classed AHTS along with one conventional AHTS and five modern PSV vessels. 

As of this, VSS holds a unique expertise within the general offshore industry dating back to the start of the company in 1974.

With such a focus on the north and arctic regions, supporting Viking Supply Ships with VesselNet is really testing our limits. In this case, supporting their fleet is extremely valuable to us, as we are in a position to learn and grow both as a company and a supplier. 

Pictured below are three of their vessel-types. 


- Ice Breaker

Loke Viking


Frigg Viking


We run all of VSS´ fleet and operations through our robust SeaNet IT solution.