Myklebusthaug Management

Myklebusthaug Management AS is a fully integrated ship management company operating dry cargo vessels, offshore support vessels and barges.

The company operates 8 Container feeder vessels, 5 self-discharging general cargo vessels, and 5 offshore support vessels. The total number of employees is roughly 300, of which 18 are shore staff. The main office is located at Fonnes about 70 km north of Bergen.

We are very proud to serve Myklebusthaug Management and their entire fleet of 17 vessels with Globetech VesselNet.

A few of their vessels are pictured below. 

Dina Polaris


Dina Star

- Offshore Supply Ship Vessel

Dina Merkur


Along with VesselNet we provide Myklebusthaug Management with different Communication solutions.