Awilco AS

Globetech provides Awilco and their fleet with our robust VesselNet solution, including solution design, 24/7 Support and technical consultancy.

Globetech ensure marine operations and provides the Vesselnet solution, combined with 24/7 service and support to 6 of the vessels in the Awilco fleet

“Facing new demands, swift changes and more on-board technology, we decided to look for a trusted partner to handle ICT throughout our fleet. We found Globetech, an experienced team that has always made us feel very comfortable with the way our vessels are supported,” says Tor-Einar Ims, IT Director at Awilco.

Awilco AS was established in 1939 and is a private shipowning company located in Oslo (Norway) focusing on investments in and operation of shipping and offshore assets. Over the years Awilco has managed and operated crude oil and product tankers as well as dry cargo vessels and car carriers. The company has also operated shuttle tankers in the North Sea.