10. January 2020

The Globetech Portal – take control over your onboard online activities

The Globetech ® Portal Essential has been launched and is currently being implemented on all applicable vessels managed by Globetech.

The Portal is an inhouse developed tool to make ICT operations onboard even more efficient and further increase the cooperation between Globetech and our clients.

“We are excited to provide this solution to our existing and future clients,” says COO of Globetech, Atle Fiskebekk.

The Portal is developed by Globetech and has undergone pilot testing and adjustments during the fall of 2019. Final modifications are completed, and the Globetech ® Portal Essential is now being implemented onboard all vessels managed by Globetech.

“With this solution we provide the captain and key personnel more insight into and control over the ICT operations onboard; reducing support needs and thereby increased efficiency,“ says Fiskebekk.

The Portal currently consists of 3 modules

  • Globetech ® Portal Essential (Free of charge for all Globetech clients)
  • Globetech ® Portal Change (Module 1)
  • Globetech ® Portal Remote (Module 2)

Portal Change and Portal Remote will be available for our clients by the end of Q1 2020.

Additional features within the modules include:

Portal Change

  • Change internet carriers
  • Turn on/off wifi networks
  • Bandwidth history graph
  • Detailed historical view of Internet Applications
  • Detailed historical view of onboard computers and BYODs (bring your own device)
  • Quarantine of high consumption users

Portal Remote

  • Remote access control for subcontractors

The Globetech ® Portal Remote gives the captain onboard the opportunity to access and control remote accesses for subcontractors. This includes status views of open/closed access points. The security aspects of this portal module is central with regards to cyber security risk management, and gives the shipowner increased control and insights.

The Globetech ® Portal is developed inhouse with the operational team and in cooperation with Effera.

The Globetech ® Portal is developed inhouse with the operational team and in cooperation with Effera.

For additonal information on the Globetech ® Portal and prices, please contact Espen Tolfsen.

(+47) 913 83 003