17. June 2020

The Lord

Globetech ® VesselNet has been developed over the last 15 years and is optimised for offshore operations. This time the installation was onboard the "Sayan Lord".

With Sayan Lord staying at GMC, Buøy in Stavanger our senior IT consultant Bernt Nilsen was onboard completing the installation of VesselNet Generation 8. 

VesselNet is installed on vessels and floating offshore installations to secure operations of business-critical systems onboard. The system is delivered complete and preconfigured to agreed specifications, and is a highly flexible and scalable, addressing the specific requirements for each vessel and/or fleet. The infrastructure provides optimised technical infrastructure for remote support and facilitates a smooth switch between the available carriers on board in the event of unforeseen loss of communication. Globetech ® VesselNet can be combined with Globetech ® Portal.

Sayan Lord is part of the Sevnor fleet. Sevnor provides integrated offshore solutions to the oil and gas industry with a special focus on harsh environment regions and new frontiers. 

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"Sayan Lord"