05. July 2019

New Business Development and Commercial Officer at Globetech

Globetech appoints Karoline Meidell (34) as Business Development and Commercial Officer.

Meidell holds 15 years of experience from the maritime industry, with enhanced competence from project- and process management, change management and business development. At Globetech Meidell will be responsible for business development and commercial enhancements, especially focused on customer relations and commercial strategy.

“Globetech is a progressive company with customer values and outlooks that I fully support, and I’m very excited about this opportunity. I‘ve joined a highly competent team that provides high-end technology solutions and services to maritime clients worldwide”, Meidell says.

As the initiator of YoungShip Sørlandet and engagement with other maritime organisations, Meidell has a truly genuine interest for the maritime industry.

“The maritime industry has always been subject to changes, but changes occur more rapidly now. I’m passionate about being a part of and contributing to future innovations and technological solutions that will benefit the industry,” Meidell states.

“The culture hacks needed to enable change and secure technological implementations within the organisation is exceedingly interesting, especially with regards to the issue of cybersecurity,” she continues.

Globetech joined Sorlandet Shipowners’ Association and Maritime Forum South this year and regards the presence in these networks highly valuable.

“We want to support, participate and contribute to the industry, both locally and globally,” Meidell says.

“Going forward, the operation of both older vessels and newbuilds will challenge shipowners with regards to secure and proficient data management infrastructure. Globetech holds the key to achieve this, she says.