22. December 2021

Dear clients, partners, and friends of Globetech!

Maybe we just need to get used to every year being different. By now, I think we all expected things to be normal, whatever normal might be.

But still – and in the words of a very famous butler: “Here we are again, Miss Sophie!” It is the same procedure as last year, but – thank goodness – not the same produce as every year.

It is the season to be grateful, and this year we are especially grateful for the commitment and dedication exhibited by our wonderful Globetech employees. They have conducted their business as if circumstances were quite different than what they are. Our travelling crew has travelled and spent many days and nights alone, isolated in hotel rooms across the world, on their way to work. Our home crew has had time to explore, to rethink, to develop and adjust. They have basically cooked up new dishes in the kitchen while the restaurant was shut down. We can’t wait to show you what they have come up with!

We are of course also grateful for the continued relationship we have with our amazing customers and partners. They have been understanding, patient and constructive throughout the year, displaying qualities that surpass any typical client-supplier relationship. For that we are truly thankful!

Charity has always been part of the Globetech DNA. This year we have found inspiration from and given support to organizations such as The Norwegian Church Abroad, Blue Cross and The Salvation Army. We have also contributed with a fully operational Vessel Net on the maritime training ship M/S Lofoten, which is dedicated to educating young seafarers. We do appreciate the young talent that will be future IT Officers, Chief Mates and Captains.

From all of us, to all of you: Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!