01. April 2020

How do you prepare?

There’s an ongoing global crisis, and cybercriminals have and will continue to exploit the situation and prey on vulnerable individuals and organizations.

How do you prepare? How to change the habits of the organization and create cyber awareness during a crisis?

Several companies have implemented home office locations for a substantial part of the organization, and now more than ever cyber security is critical. With home office locations, the need of good quality cyber security procedures and preparations are essential. With a workforce potentially unaware of the increased cyber-attacks and phishing attempts, it’s critical to ensure training for increased awareness. Sometimes in the heat of a crisis, the right habits emerge. Creating awareness and improving security with low hanging elements such as the two-factor authentication will reduce the risk of cyber breaches immensely. 

There’s no doubt that changes in the ISM Code 6.5 will be completed for the IMO’s Code 1st of January 2021. 

Cyber security awareness training is not currently a mandatory requirement, but training of the workforce is both a protection and control measure that constructs the foundation of Cyber Risk Management. Providing training can ensure personnel understanding and awareness on how habits and actions can affect the organizations approach to cyber security and risk management.

Existing company procedures for identifying training requirements should be used to assess the benefits and need for:

  • all company personnel to receive basic cyber awareness training in support of the company’s CRM policies and procedures
  • company personnel, who have been assigned CRM duties, to receive a type and level of cyber training appropriate to their responsibility and authority.

It’s critical to ensure that your workforce is aware of the risks and thereby creating a culture of security awareness. So how to change the habits of an entire organization in order to reduce risk for cyber breaches? For a successful change of organizational habits and creating cyber security awareness as part of the backbone of the organization, it must be achieved over time. Creating awareness is not done overnight, it’s a process with repetitive actions and training.  This is the reason why Globetech Awareness Program is conducted over a 12-month period and specified for your company different departments (groups), onshore and offshore.