30. June 2020

Aqua Kvaløy and a lot of smolt

Another vessel in the DESS Aquaculture fleet has been installed with Globetech ® VesselNet.

While Aqua Kvaløy was located at Terningen in Trondhemsleia, our Senior IT Consultant Tor S. Gjertsen was onboard to install Globetech ® VesselNet Gen. 8. Gjertsen was also onboard Aqua Maløy in May, and he has proven to be quite the amateur photographer.

During the stay at Terningen, Aqua Kvaløy loaded up 400 000 smolt. What is smolt you may ask? As salmon begin to mature, they adapt for life in salt water in an intermediary stage known as smolts. This process marks the beginning of their first migration from their home stream to the ocean[1].

Aqua Kvaløy was build in 2019 and is a live fish carrier, one of several in the DESS Aquaculture fleet. The live fish carrier fleet is designed to cover a range of different treatment and transport operations. For more information: https://www.dessaqua.com/live-fish-carriers 

DESS Aquaculture Shipping AS joined the Globetech portfolio in February this year and we are excited to see the installations of the DESS Aquaculture fleet is moving along despite the Covid-19 crisis. 

We want to ensure our clients and collaborators that safety is still our main priority, and that we are following the advice and regulations from the health authority in order to apply preventive measures and avoid infection. With close cooperation with our clients we discuss and evaluate each installation and the travel that is needed to execute the task. Installations are taking place between crew change and sanitation is preformed due diligent.

[1] https://salmonfactswork.weebly.com/smolt.html