SeaNet u logoGlobetech started with the delivery of clean IT solutions for the shipping industry. The need for more soon proved to be greater. Customers want a partner that can assist in several areas, areas like IT, communication, entertainment, phone systems and CCTV. These areas depend on each other in many ways and this might make it more complex to manage in the operational phase.

In today’s market there are many different products and subscriptions to choose from and the problem is not the choice itself. In retrospect the challenge is the maintenance because development is rapid, dependencies increases the complexity of debugging and customers has to deal with many different suppliers. Globetech has the knowledge and competence to not only deliver a solution, but to serve our customers better by also offering our services in many other important areas.

Globetech does not aim to deliver all the solutions itself, but we want to possess competence so that we have the opportunity to serve our customer better. Globetech has the knowledge and ability to not only deliver a solution, but to serve our customers better.

Globetech performs services within IT solutions, Optimized Communication, Satellite communication, Entertainment solutions and CCTV solutions.

IT Solutions
Globetech delivers its own SeaNet systems that is tested and configured to operate in the shipping environment. These systems have their own solutions for deployment of clients, software and updates, and we perform regular preventive tasks towards the solutions. We can easily support the system from our office. The system includes all the regular services, like:

Server system facilities
IT Infrastructure
User accounts
E-mail accounts
Management system with replication
Office support systems
Backup systems with disaster recovery options

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Optimized Communication
Globetech’s goal is to get the systems to function satisfactorily without adding too many restrictions for the users. Satellite communication is often the issue, but this may be due to poor systems, poor system management and ignorance. Globetech uses many methods and mechanisms to achieve a satisfactory system. The most important factor though, is good interaction with those who use the system, the crew. Some methods are:

WAN optimization
Compression of data
Network segmentation (VLAN)
Resource management (layer 7, application level)
QoS - Resource reservation control mechanisms

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Satellite Communication
The communication solutions delivered by Globetech is in close and good cooperation with our suppliers. We have a wide range of different types of subscriptions and our job is to find the right solution for your need. We use either our own installers or contractors to establish the solution, but Globetech controls the project to ensure qualitatively good installation. If there already is an existing communication solution in place, Globetech’s IT communication solutions can be combined with no problem.

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Installation VSAT

Entertainment Systems
We have two types of entertainment systems in our portfolio. Certain entertainment systems depend on the VSAT provider and other systems are independent. We assist in the selection of service and help with the facilitation and installation of the selected system.

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CCTV Systems
CCTV systems are often a shipyard delivery and delivered along with the entire new build from yard. Globetech has conducted CCTV shipyard deliveries with great success.

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