Total satcom and IT commitment

Globetech delivers proven, cost-effective and reliable VSAT and IT solutions for all kinds of businesses worldwide. We are together with our partners a world-leading provider of innovative broadband satellite communication and IT solutions for the maritime sector. We provide marine SatCom systems that transform your vessels to remote offices and we offer a competitive all inclusive turnkey VSAT solution from different partners at a flat or fixed rate.

Globetech offers technical consultancy, solution design and system integration on moving units such as ships or floating offshore installations. We use either our own installers or contractors to establish the solution, but Globetech controls the project to ensure qualitatively good installation. Globetech’s SeaNet IT solution works well with already existing communication solutions.

Globetech SeaNet SMARTconnect

SeaNet SMARTconnect is our comprehensive broadband and IT management management package and incorporates technology, knowhow, connectivity, service and support, training and financing elements according to our client needs. We have an unwavering commitment to remain at the forefront of maritime satellite communications technology in hardware, software and methodology.

The best technological solution is sometimes not enough. To understand what shipping or offshore companies need and how vessels are working into the wider context of a maritime business. How vessels work in the wider context of maritime businesses, including the full suite of modern business processes and ICT tools which gives a strong advantage to any client.

A vital part of any satcom solution is ensuring that the entire communications link works end-to-end without interruption or bottlenecks. Our partners have their own teleport, scalable satellite capacity and the ability to provide a redundant internet connection. Our technical solution includes a strong competitive advantage in providing a solid, reliable and secure link, without compromising affordability or quality.

Global partnerships
Globetech takes pride in having a strong staff network, facilities and associations with a global network of suppliers, experts and service providers and have partnerships with several companies. With these agreements we can offer worldwide VSAT coverage for our customers.

Client focus 24/7 support
For most companies, support means reacting to and resolving problems after they have occurred. At Globetech, we identify and fix most issues proactively before you are even aware of them. We provide preventative maintenance and upgrades, perform troubleshooting remotely or on site, and help you plan your technology strategy. We work directly with you as your maritime satellite and IT networks partner, not only as a supplier of equipment and services.

At Globetech your business is in safe hands 24/7 and we always strive to provide our clients with the very best in customer support!

Inexpensive phone calls
All of your phone calls can be made by using online technology and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) through your VSAT solution. Enjoy clear and high quality voice calls all over the world through low-cost satellite technology.

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