About us


Globetech was founded 2011. Globetech was to establish a company highly focused only on maritime IT solutions and optimal operation. Several of the employees have worked with marine IT solutions since the millennium, in environments where the marine solutions was equal with offices solutions on shore. There are many similarities between office and marine IT, but also very important differences. In the delivery we experience that the easy part is similar on shore, and that the important elements, such as industry experience and knowing the environment where to operate, are the most important to reach a good marine IT solution. It is precisely in this setting Globetech want to be the best partner, and in our opinion, that requires working with these challenges on a daily basis.

Globetech have recently chosen to expand the product portfolio. This because many customers experience both IT-, communications-, CCTV- and entertainment solutions to be very complex with multiple dependencies. Competence is essential, and without the right expertise, it will be very difficult to make the right choices. The risk is many different vendors to deal with in the operating phase, also when a problem occur, the users have difficult to see which provider the problem belongs too. In only four years, Globetech AS has assigned contracts on over 60 ships and ships offices worldwide.

Globetech takes responsibility and try to live up to the term “Single point of contact” even on installations where we delivered no more than the Globetech SeaNet. Globetech knows the dependencies, which makes it easier for us to troubleshoot directly with the supplier instead of the crew doing this.

Today Globetech operate it’s own highly secured datacenter environment inside a mountain hall, here we operates as an independent ISP supplier (BGP routing). The datacenter contains communications equipment for all communication going to/from the vessels. For all of our existing shipping customers we offer hosting services and co-location for their office server systems. This mountain hall meets all of the safety requirements relating to datacenter locations.

Globetech AS is growing rapidly and we are currently nine employees working exclusively with ships. We are actively looking at areas where we can improve, and we continuously develop ourselves to our goal – your best partner within IT, Communication, Entertainment and CCTV systems.